About Us

Absolute Accountant transcends the conventional role of an accounting and tax firm. We educate and inspire positive change the the lives of our clients, our team, and our shareholders, contributing to thriving businesses, prosperous individuals, and flourishing communities. We firmly champion the concept of balance, not only in the realm of accounting but also in the broader context of life.

We are a virtual accounting and tax firm focused on providing the highest quality financial services.

What sets us apart from any other firm is that we take the time to get to know our clients and their business to the fullest extent. We deeply care about our clients, their families, and their businesses. We are deeply committed to the continual success of our clients.

Our team is built around loyalty, dedication, and integrity, with open, honest communication being an absolute necessity for continual growth and success for all parties.


Commitment to personal and professional growth at all levels


Commitment to always add value, look for money saving and/or money growth opportunities, and delivery of accurate results in a timely manner


Harmonious work/life balance that provides freedom and flexibility


Stay on the growing edge of the industry. Shifting to future focus, advisory approach.


By allowing our team to take responsibility and ownership of the clients, and for our clients giving them more space to focus on their own business endeavors or create new ones


Mastered delivering high quality virtual service, supporting entrepreneurs in leveraging technology.


Operate with honesty and strong moral principles in all areas of life


Build and develop relationships, providing personalized care and support with a low client/CPA ratio


Debra Bradshaw


Blanca has a Bachelor degree in Public Accounting by “UNAM” (National University in Mexico) and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School in the UK. She is Mexican and moved to the USA as she married a US citizen. She also helps out with her husbands business. She loves being a Mom to her Son and 5 adorable dogs!

Blanca Sletten

Staff Accountant

KayDee joined Absolute Accountant in 2022. Previously, She helped create a more efficient accounting process for her husband’s business. She enjoys the “behind-the-scenes” side of this business. When not at work, KayDee is busy being a wife and mother of three. She enjoys spending time with family, camping, outdoor adventures, and being in the cheering section of her family’s sporting events.

KayDee Leingang

Staff Accountant

Luis is based in sunny California and graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in Accounting! Fun Fact about Luis:  He really enjoys working on cars or attempting at fixing whatever he breaks. He also likes to go on nice long hikes on steep mountains to get the heart pumping!

Luis Lozano

Project Accountant / IT specialist

Ashley is the Project Manager for Absolute Accountant and loves organizing things. They are based in Portland, Oregon. When they are not working at Absolute Accountant, they can be found creating experimental theater and riding their bike.

Ashley Hollingshead

Project Manager

Taylor is the Admin & Social Media Manager for Absolute Accountant. She spends her days organizing and updating the public AA accounts. After work you’ll find her snuggled up at home with her fur babies.

Taylor Pedersen

Admin / Social Media Manager

Nikki has been practicing accounting and tax for over 15 years. She excels in finding creative ways to help her clients increase efficiency, save time, and limit their tax bill. Nikki is so much more than a CPA. She is a friend, mentor, and confidant. Nikki has been married to her high school sweetheart, Tom, for over 12 years. Together they have 2 young sons and a fur baby boxer dog

Nikki Bushaw, CPA

CEO and Founder