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Can you relate with...

  • A LACK OF TIME, NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAYDo you feel like you are ALWAYS working? Maybe you feel trapped by or stuck in your business. Are you in the weeds feeling stressed and overwhelmed? You wear ALL the hats 

    – CEO, CMO, HR, CFO, bookkeeper, Sales Manager, etc. That’s amazing and something to be really proud of but you’re exhausted and looking to offload some of your workload. You want some of your time back. 

  • A LACK OF UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE NUMBERS MEAN Do you want to grow and scale your business? Dig yourself out of the weeds? Maybe you know a little bit about accounting and financial reports, maybe it’s like a foreign language to you. That’s ok and either way, you want to understand more. You’re looking for a trusted guide to explain it in a way you can understand. You want to make better decisions for your business and really understand the story in your numbers.

  • LACK OF ORGANIZATION Do you ever need financial information for a bank or an investor, or simply want it for your own peace of mind? Are those situations discouraging and stressful? Are you sick and tired of searching for information? You need clean and organized information. Accurate numbers you can rely on without any worry. You want a simple, clean, easy, all in one solution.
  • LACK OF COMMUNICATION – Are you currently working with a tax accountant? Are you kind of frustrated by the lack of communication? Do you feel like their approach is a bit too ridged so maybe you sky away from asking anything? You want to feel supported and really understand your numbers. You want to take control and master your money.

Your Solution = Us

  • WE GIVE YOU SOME OF YOUR TIME BACK. We understand that life is crazy as an entrepreneur wearing all the hats. We get it. We fully embody that life should be lived in balance to create harmony. We want you to break free and relax. Take time off, go on that long overdue getaway, we got your back. So why not let us handle all your accounting and tax needs? 
  • WE CARE AND TAKE TIME TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND.  We are your trusted guide helping you navigate the complex world of tax and accounting. We will explain 2 times or 10 times if that’s what it takes. We want you to have all the best resources and support to make the best decisions for your business and your life. We want to help you write the story in your numbers.
  • WE ARE ORGANIZED. We use technology to it’s fullest and to our advantage. We have high firm standards and have documented procedures in place. We use secure, cloud based technology for transparency and to streamline the process. We give you peace of mind with a simple, clean, easy, all in one solution.
  • WE GIVE YOU OPEN, HONEST COMMUNICATION. We have personalities and like to have fun. Yeah so maybe we like to nerd out on spreadsheets but we can still hold a conversation. In fact, we turn that boring tax talk into interesting, maybe even a little fun, business discussion that gets your wheels turning to generate new, creative ideas. We support you and help you understand all about your bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes. We guide you to take control and master your money.

Our Team

Our vision is to educate entrepreneurs and provide accurate, understandable financial resources so they are equipped to make the best choices for optimizing and growing their business and themselves.  

This is accomplished by creating a culture of respect and integrity where we are dedicated to building relationships, maintaining open, honest communication, and supporting personal and professional development. Our culture encourages a harmonious work/life balance and provides space for innovation, enlightenment, and enthusiasm.

Our team is made up of individuals from various walks of life who are entrepreneurs just like you. Our passions outside of tax and accounting range from muscle cars to theater. We are always striving to improve our lives and our life long learners. 

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